Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adweek - 11/17/08

This was an assignment I did for the 30th anniversary issue of Adweek magazine, to illustrate four people who are part of a feature called "The Influentials."

A lot of the time, I'm asked just to provide portraits which are then put into a pre-arranged layout, but this time I had the pleasure of doing a bit of the page design myself. Adweek and I went back and forth and I was able to put together something that worked with what they needed.

Anytime we're talking about guys who are on the cutting edge of technology, I was like to use rounded edges--to me, it feels like you're inside a Mac store, so it always seems like the right way to go.

This was the first job I ever did for Adweek, I hope its the first of many.

sgThese portraits are in the current issue, on sale now. Look for this cover!

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