Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meet Your New Best Friend

This was another one of those ideas I had that I just had to get down, if anything to get it out of my head so there's space for the next idea!

I am a passionate advocate for animals, and if I could imagine a perfect life for Darlin' Tracy and I it would be to have enough money--and land--to adopt every dog, cat, rabbit, or whatever that needed a home.

All these animal portraits are from pieces I had already done last year; it was just a matter of putting them all into this PSA-type poster and writing the very simple, very direct copy.

Who knows, maybe some animal shelter or charity will see this and want to use it? If so, it'll be more than worth the effort it took to put it together...


Caffeinated Joe said...

Our two dogs are shelter dogs. Both mixed mutt breeds, but just as good as any pure bred dogs out there. I would never get a dog from any place other than a shelter. Too many poor pups just waiting for a home. I wish the same as you, wish I had more money to take in more.

Great piece, Rob.

rob! said...

Thanks Joe, and good on ya! Shelter Dogs are the way to go!