Wednesday, September 14, 2011


sgLast week, I was perusing the blog for All Things Fun, my LCS located in Berlin, NJ.

There was an article by my pal Glenn Walker about the old DC series Blackhawk (which is about to be part of the New 52 line of books), and I did a double-take when I saw this picture accompanied by the caption. That's because this is not a vintage 1952 lobby card for the Blackhawk movie serial, its a poster for the serial, created by me!

At first I thought Glenn was just goofing, but then I asked him about it and he told me they found my poster via a Google search on someone else's website. Assuming it was vintage, they used it in the post.

Glenn apologized for the mis-attribution, but I took it as a compliment, that anyone would mistake something I've done as having been done in the era I was trying to replicate!



King Uke said...

Yep, I'd take that as a great compliment Rob. Nice one!

RAB said...

So, anyone ever going to correct the mistaken attribution?

And yes, you really caught the visual grammar of the period. There are a couple of "tells" that would give away its true vintage. For one thing, the little comic book cover at bottom left is something I don't recall ever seeing in one of these posters, though I'll grant I'm no expert. But one can hardly blame Glenn for being fooled!