Monday, September 5, 2011

Bought and Paid For

As per last week, this faux-paperback book cover was sort of made to order: instead of a sexy babe, this cover features a big slab 'o beef for my female and gay fans.

The plot? Well, I think the tagline explains it: this guy is basically a rent-a-hunk for some aging, wealthy wife, and then one day she turns up dead! Did he do the deed? He says no, but how can he explain that she leaves him a bunch of money in her will? Cleft McBeefslab has to figure out who is trying to frame him!

I'd say the book is set somewhere hot and humid, like Miami maybe, so there's lots of scenes with the titular hunk taking off shirt.

You're welcome, Amy.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Nice, but I have to admit, at first I thought this was a super hero on the cover. The white seemed to me like a bolt of lightening! :)

rob! said...

HA! Joe, I didn't even think of that. He's taking off his shirt, and I couldn't decide whether to put detail in there or not. Without any folds or shadows, it does look a bit lightning-ish!

Spectergirl said...

Ha! Love it. Pretty damn hot!