Monday, June 13, 2011

The Sin Around The Corner

This faux-paperback book cover started out as visual sequel to last week's Little Girl Lost: I wanted to replicate that cartoony, groovy look since I liked how it came out so much.

But, as usual, the process took over and I found myself here: a mostly collage piece with a piece of my illustration in the middle. I had originally drawn the brick wall in the same style, but I liked it better with the contrast, so I stuck with that.

This has a real 50s look that I really like, and I think the tagline is one of the most ridiculous (read: awesome) that I've ever come up with. So while it looks absolutely nothing like Little Girl Lost, I think it works on its own terms...


King Uke said...

Yep - definitely more 'vintage'. For me this has got a 40s/50s feel to it. I think it's the girl and maybe the writing in the background that does it. I like the way you've swapped the light and dark around making it seem like we're the ones in the shadows. She'd better watch herself!

Caffeinated Joe said...

Definitely feels like this is something one could have found for sale back then, or in a discount box now. Very cool!

Spectergirl said...

This cover is beautiful! To me it truly captures the look of those 50's pseudo (I mean, she IS actually wear clothes after all!) bad girl paperbacks.

And the tagline kicks a$$! Someone totally needs to write this book if only so I can read it.

rob! said...

Thanks King!

Thanks Joe!

Thanks SG!