Friday, June 24, 2011

From The Vault: Super 16 - 2005

This was one of two pieces I was contracted to do for some sort of insider movie magazine (meaning it was a trade publication, not sold to the public), for an article on different film stocks.

This was one of the most difficult, frustrating jobs I ever did: the client in question had little to no idea what they wanted, and even less money to spend. But I really wanted to get some work in entertainment-related magazines (still do), so I bit the bullet and tried my best.

When the client saw this, they told me in no uncertain terms with was not what they wanted. They still couldn't tell me what they did want; they just knew this wasn't it.

I ended up discarding this entire piece and starting over. Having no time left, I basically grabbed some stock photos of people using various cameras, added some color and effects, and threw it all together. I thought it was awful, and I knew this would be the only time I would work for this particular client.

They actually liked the second version better, much to my simultaneous horror and relief. I asked that the pieces go uncredited--the only time I've ever done that--and tried as best as I could to forget about the whole job, and what a missed opportunity it was for everyone involved.


Caffeinated Joe said...

That bites, Rob. Live and learn, I guess. I actually think the ad here is eye-catching!

jenni said...

I like it. I have a fondness for 16mm film & what I see here seems to celebrate this gauge.

I am curious -as a person who often reads those insider movie/film mags- who your client was. Just wondering, not requesting you divulge info you'd rather keep to yourself.

rob! said...


I honestly don't remember. It was a trade mag for cinematographers, not something the average person could buy on a newsstand. Still, I was excited to do the job, and really disappointed it all went to hell.