Monday, February 21, 2011

Strip Till Dead

This would normally be where I'd post one of my faux-vintage paperback book covers...except this time around I'm posting an actual book cover!

This is Strip Till Dead, a crime novel by author Mike Gerrard. Mike contacted me a few months ago asking if I was interested in doing one of my vintage-y covers for his book, since that was the kind of look he wanted for his book, involving murder in the world of stripping. I said sure, and had the pleasure of reading the book while trying to come up with a concept.

This idea of the stripper's shadow being a police tape outline hit me a few chapters in, and at that point I was just finishing the book for pure pleasure, because I was pretty certain I knew this was the way to go.

Mike liked what he saw, and before long I had the finished version, which adorns the book. You can purchase it as an e-book on Amazon, which I recommend to anyone who likes a good old-fashioned crime thriller.


Richard Bensam said...

Yes! Excellent! I knew this was only a matter of time.

I'm also expecting to see an author ask permission to use one of your mock titles, so keep us posted on that. Heck, I've been tempted to put in a bid on one or two of them myself...

Wings said...

Yes, this is perfect and I am so glad you got to do an "official" one. Just awesome!

Kannan said...

The blog is nice.

rob! said...

RAB--Thanks. And yes, some authors have paid me to license some of my cover art and/or titles. Not sure if anyone will ever use them, but the checks clear anyway.

Joe--Thanks, it was kinda cool to get to do one for reals!

Kannan--Thanks for stopping by!

Mike Gerrard said...

Thanks for the compliment, Rob. And if any authors are reading this, can I just say that Rob is a delight to work with, on top of being a really talented artist. I'm delighted with the cover and will use Rob again, definitely.