Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ESPN Head Shots

I was commissioned by ESPN magazine to do these eight portraits for their "Scale of 1 to 10" feature, and because of the MLK holiday it was a bit of a mad scramble to get them all done in time.

Because the final illustrations were only going to run at about 1.5" high each, I didn't have to get into as much detail as I normally would have, which helped getting them done on time and presented me with a challenge--capturing a decent likeness without being able to represent every little color and detail found in real life.

In the end, I thought they all came out pretty well, and ESPN was happy with the results. Unfortunately, as it was explained to me, the subjects of that week's installment changed and none of these illustrations ended up being used in the magazine! So it was either post them here or never let them be seen.

Like I said, ESPN was happy with what I did, so much so they commissioned me to do another set, for the next issue, which I'm hard at work on as I type this. I've done stuff for the magazine before, but its been a long while, so let's hope there's no last-minute snafu and this second set actually shows up on your local newsstand!


Wings said...

Two things:

1) You did a Red Sox player (who I am not sure), so you get mega-cool points in my home just for that.

2) You had work appear, and will have future work appear, in ESPN Magazine, so you will gain even more mega-points with my son.


Wings said...

Had you done a portrait of Pedroia, you would have probably shot to #1 artist in my son's eyes! hahaha

Good luck with the latest commission!