Monday, October 26, 2009

Monster PSA: Dwight Frye

This week's "Monster PSA" poster is Dwight Frye, definitely one of the most instantly recognizable of the 1930s horror icons.

For this one, I decided to forgo any real connection of tagline with the subject. Instead, having read that Frye was generally pretty unhappy (feeling as though he was typecast playing only Fritz/Renfield-type roles) during the last few years of his life, I wanted something sweet and reassuring.

If Dwight Frye had lived to be an old man, he would've seen how beloved he is to horror/monster movie fans--like Lugosi, who also died relatively young--he'd be treated as a king now. And maybe, if he could've known that, it would've helped him feel better about his career and how it played out.

So I liked the idea of Dwight Frye, somehow still alive in 2009, being happy and content, so much so that he'd want nothing more than to hang out, be your friend, and...who knows? Maybe even sit down with you and watch Frankenstein together.

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