Friday, October 30, 2009

From The Vault: The Stranger - 1994

This is one of my earliest attempts at the then-new "cut paper" style, a portrait of Orson Welles as he appeared in the 1946 film The Stranger.

For some reason(s) I can't quite put my finger on, this piece was--and in some ways, still is--my all-time favorite piece I've done in this style. I love the balance of colors, the slightly German expressionist feel to the shapes (Welles plays a German in the film--coincidence?), and the fact that in some ways, its probably the closest I'm ever going to come in this commercial style to something approaching "art."

At the time, I was so happy with this piece that it gave me a huge boost of confidence, that I could pull off almost anything I wanted to with this style. It remained in my portfolio years, long after all the other pieces from around this time were gone. In many ways, I don't think I've done much--even fifteen odd years later--to match this.

But I keep trying!


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