Saturday, October 10, 2009

Exhibition at the Miami Beach Cinematheque

This is exciting!

There will be an exhibition of my Universal Monster posters at the Miami Beach Cinematheque, kicking off Halloween night, on the event of their Frankenstein/Invisible Man double-feature, and continuing on into November.

This will be the first time my Universal Monster posters will be seen outside my website, and the first time any of my poster work will be seen at the size it was meant to be seen: 22x30" big!

You can find out more about the screenings and the exhibition here: Frankenstein and The Invisible Man. Future updates about the exhibition will appear here!


Wings said...

Congrats, Rob! Well deserved!

George Van Orsdel said...

What?!?!?!! How come I never heard about this?? I would've been there in a heartbeat!! Will they be doing this for Halloween 2010??

rob! said...

Sorry you missed it!

Re: Halloween 2010--I have no idea. Write them and say you want them to do it again! :)