Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time Out New York: Neko Case

This week's "Hot Seat" subject for Time Out New York was singer/songwriter Neko Case, who was promoting a series of live shows in NYC.

I'm not that familiar with Case's work, so I was flying a bit blind here. Originally, I was going to have her on a totally black background, so with her black t-shirt her face and arms would pop off the background.

But then I thought, ahh, I've done that kind of thing before, why not try something different, so I just started playing around with bright colored shapes behind her, and I ended up with this--after showing it to Darlin' Tracy, she said "They look like butterfly wings."

I realized she was correct, even though that was totally accidental. I ended up liking how that looked, so I added those little black squiggly lines and then called it a day.

This ended up being one of my personal favorites from the last couple months worth of TONY portraits.

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