Friday, April 10, 2009

From The Vault: Berry - 2003

Even though I've already mentioned this on a couple of my blogs (here and here), I felt like I couldn't let this week's From The Vault segment pass without one last word about our cat, my little pal, Berry, who passed away last week.

This was my first attempt at doing a portrait of him, and I knew it would be a huge challenge, trying to convey all of the myriad colors that made up his beautifully detailed coat using cut paper.

But I gave it a shot, and while I was happy with it at the time, I can see now that it doesn't look that much like him. The pose and the look on his face are right, but its just too simple in terms of color to really do him justice.

Later, I did another piece, this time digitally, called Attack Cat, which to me is the definitive portrait of our little guy.

We miss him very, very much.

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