Monday, April 27, 2009

Angel On My Shoulder

This is another one of my fake movie posters, for a movie that exists only in my imagination.

It got started the same way an earlier poster, Two Bullets in the Chamber, did. In this case, I watched a DVD of the movie Macao, starring Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell (who has previously starred together in 1951's His Kind of Woman). I enjoyed it a lot, and then I enjoyed it all over again when I started the film over, this time listening to the audio commentary track by my friend Eddie Muller and the film's screenwriter, Stanely Rubin.

So as I was listening to the commentary, I thought, what if Mitchum and Russell--so good together in Macao--did a third film together? That's all it really took for me to start putting together this poster.

The original idea I had from the beginning was that the Mitchum character would be haunted in some way by Russell, and it took a couple of different tries until I hit upon the idea of having Russell in a photograph, which I thought gave the poster a unique bit of visual interest.

After I had that resolved, the title came rather easily, and then the tag line, and then eventually the rest of the poster!

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Craig Zablo said...

Love your movie posters -- fake movies or not!