Monday, December 7, 2009

Monster PSA: Rondo Hatton

It was only a matter of time until I got around to featuring the late, great Rondo Hatton on one of my Monster PSA posters!

I don't think there's any one actor from the Golden Age of horror movies that has gone as far as Hatton, in terms of how obscure he was then to how famous he is now.

I hope the tag line--just too obvious not to do--doesn't seem like I'm goofing on Mr. Hatton's famous, tragic condition; I'm not.

From what I've read, Rondo Hatton was a very nice man, friendly to his co-workers and an all-around agreeable sort; he also served his country in WWI, where he was gassed on the battlefield, leading to his Acromeglia.

Yet he was cast in movies where his real-life looks were used cruelly remarked upon, as if the guy standing right there didn't understand what was being said (maybe Mr. Hatton, probably close to unemployable, simply figured it was worth it to put food on the table). So, to me, that's why the tag line is so appropriate--he may have looked like a monster, but he was probably an okay fella.

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