Monday, December 21, 2009

Monster PSA: Max Schreck

It was only a matter of time, really, until I got around to Max Schreck for one of my "Monster PSA" posters.

Part of the legend of Mr. Schreck
is how completely disappeared into his rat-like role in Nosferatu (heck, there was even a whole movie--Shadow of the Vampire--supposing Schreck was really a vampire playing a vampire in the movie), so I ran with that for the tag line.

And given Nosferatu's German impressionistic roots, I went a little rougher on the portrait, and decided to go with a drab gray as a highlight instead of another bright color.

Max Schreck T-Shirt
Max Schreck Mug


Wings said...

Great piece, and just as creepy & jagged looking as the real dude!

Arbogast said...

Fangs a lot!

junemspine said...

Not as cool as yours, but mebbe you'll like my ode to Max Schreck as well?: