Friday, April 1, 2011

From The Vault: Aretha - 2003

This was a conceptual piece that didn't quite work, but I still kinda liked it: I pictured the viewer standing on the other side of a recording booth, not hearing the tidal wave of sound being produced by Aretha Franklin's booming voice.

Of course, the whole port hole thing doesn't make a lot of sense, but I just kinda liked the way it looked.


Richard Bensam said...

Aretha singing into a circular shape immediately made me think of a microphone pop filter, vis:

I was so certain that's what you had in mind here, I was genuinely surprised to see you say that wasn't what you had in mind.

Caffeinated Joe (Wings) said...

I think it is a cool visual. Like, how can you fit what is cool/interesting about a person in just that small circle. You catch it with Aretha, you get the sense of her commanding voice there. Would be interesting to see how you could do it with other people/subjects.

rob! said...

RAB--I've seen that before, so may be it was influencing me subconsciously.

Joe--Thanks! I'd love to try others in this format, that'd be cool.

Mike Gerrard said...

It would make a great record/CD cover or label.