Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 YNPN Chicago Celebration

Pictured above is Torey Malatia, a name well known to fans of NPR's This American Life. And the end of every episode, host Ira Glass credits Mr. Malatia for his management oversight of the show, followed by an out-of-context clip from that particular episode, usually designed to goof on Mr. Malatia in the most embarrassing manner possible.

Mr. Malatia was the guest of honor at the 2011 YNPN Chicago Celebration, and one of the people organizing the event contacted me, wondering if they could get a copy of my radio poster to give as a gift to him.
Being a fan of TAL, I was of course thrilled to help out, so I got a print made which YNPN had framed and gave to Torey at the ceremony. As you can see, he liked it!


Cory said...

Cool people like cool stuff. tis the way of the world!

iZombie said...

great... great news and congrats.
i am here, and will check it out.

Jeremy [iZombie]

Sean Tiffany said...

Very cool!