Monday, March 14, 2011

I Married A Zombie

Definitely a change of pace for my faux-vintage paperback book cover series--this time its not a thriller or a nudie book. No, this one is straight up horror!

Okay, maybe not straight up--the title doesn't exactly inspire chills. Laughs, maybe, but chills, no. This came to me out of the blue via the tag line--I got the idea of this publisher wanting to "one up" the Val Lewton classic I Walked With A Zombie, by having someone not just walk with the zombie, but marry it!

So this one was created sort of backwards--tag line first, then title, then image. I wanted it to look really cheap and ragged, hence the (almost) monochromatic color scheme and generally unfinished look.

I originally had the bride character on here, screaming her head off, but it just didn't fit with the rest of the cover--and I just loved my herky-jerky zombie so much that I let him decide the overall feel of the cover. Zombies tend to get their way.


Wings said...

Ha! I love it Rob! And I would so read it!!!

iZombie said...

this one is close to home... great!