Monday, November 1, 2010

The Misadventures of Halloween Harriet

Sure, this cover is a day out of date, but bear with me.

I had an idea for a Halloween-centric faux-vintage paperback book cover sometime early in the year. Always having other ideas to work on, I put the raw materials I had on hand in a folder and told myself I'd work on it later in the year, closer to Halloween.

Of course, just a few days ago it dawned on me I hadn't worked on this thing at all, with Halloween just a few days away. So I could either work on it immediately and post it on 11/1, or wait until next year, when I'm sure the same thing would happen all over again. So, here it is.

This one is a complete fabrication on my part--I knew there wouldn't be any Halloween-ish paperback books I could borrow a title from, so I just made it all up myself. Pivoting off of the central image, I came up with a cheeky, nudie-type paperback, rather than a mystery/thriller.

The whole thing came together rather quickly, the last element added being the little white "bubbles" in the background, which to me felt reminiscent of the kind of thing you see emanating from glasses of champagne, something Halloween Harriet surely down a lot of in this story.


Wings said...

Love it, that is one heck of a treat! ;)

Richard Bensam said...

"She rang every doorbell in the neighborhood!" is pretty wonderful. It may be just slightly too risqué for an actual vintage blurb...but in terms of marrying the vintage style to our modern sensibilities, it works a treat. And the color choices plus the bubbles are totally swell.

rob! said...

Thanks guys! I was particularly happy with this one, esp. considering how fast it all came together.