Monday, October 4, 2010

Warren Oates

As per a request made on my illustration Facebook page , this week's "Tough Guy" portrait is Warren Oates. Even if you're not familiar with his work, one look at this face should tell you he was a tough guy.

My favorite--okay, only--Warren Oates story was something I heard Wayne Rogers tell a few years ago. Apparently he and Oates were in some sort of western together, and they were both in costume, off-camera, waiting for their cue. Dressed as cowboys, Oates whispered to Rogers something to the effect of "Aren't we a little old to still be dressing up like cowboys?"


studio gulag -- said...

Awesome Rob!

And that western? I'm pretty sure it was Steve McQueen's TV show Wanted Dead or Alive. Oates appeared in at least three different episodes throught the series (and got killed in every one!)

Did you know Oates was Herzog's first choice to star in Fitzcarraldo?


Anonymous said...

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