Monday, September 6, 2010

Lee Van Cleef

Another portrait in my informal "tough guy" series, this was another suggestion that came from my illustration Facebook page. After posting the Lee Marvin piece, someone suggested Lee Van Cleef.

Cleef, like Marvin before him, was someone I'd never done a portrait of before, so that seemed like fun. This one's a little less ragged than the previous two tough guys, so I'm a little less satisfied with it. Weird, I didn't see that the time, but just a few days later, its jumps right out at me.

Well, now that I've done two Lees in a row, who's next? Lee Majors?


Michael Jones said...

My vote is for Lee Meriwether.

Aaron Bias said...

You know, Lee Van Cleef was always tough, but he was always a smooth kind of tough. You shouldn't feel bad that he's not as craggy as Lee Marvin or Bogie.

Maybe you should try Scott Glenn. He's all kids of lived-in. Or maybe Jack Palance?