Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jon Hamm

I haven't done one of my Hot Seat-styled portraits in a while because...well, I've generally been busy doing the actual ones. But I had some time this week, and thought Jon Hamm would be as a good a subject as any. Not only do I see him every week on Mad Men, but he's also in a new movie, The Town, opening this week.

Hamm has an old-school charm and classic leading man looks that makes him seem like a Hollywood star from the 50s or 60s dropped into the 21st Century. So I didn't get too fancy for the portrait--pretty much a straightforward shot with some cool, classy colors.


Diabolu Frank said...

I just started watching Mad Men on DVD. Season 1 was awesome, and 2 is okay so far. My girlfriend hasn't liked how wimpy Draper's been, but she liked the way he handled getting an apology out of the Don Rickles stand-in.

Anonymous said...

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