Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time Out New York: Trey Anastasio

This week's "Hot Seat" portrait for Time Out New York is musician Trey Anastasio.

For some reason, when I illustrate people with red hair, the black tones I usually have look very wrong to me--they stick out like a sort thumb, even more so than with blondes. So I took all of the heavy dark shadows out of Mr. Anastasio's hair and beard, and kept the blacks on his face to a minimum, which, along with the background, gives the piece a light, airy look, that I think works well for the subject.


Joe M said...

great job with TREY! did you have a chance to meet him or is from a photo?
GREAT job!

Joe M

rob! said...


no, nothing as exciting as getting to meet any of the people i illustrate.

i have occasionally had the chance to send the finished piece to the person in question, which is fun.

thanks for the kind words.