Monday, September 21, 2009

Monster PSAs: Lon Chaney Sr.

These Monster PSA posters are turning out to be nearly the most popular set of pieces I've done, second only to the Universal Monster posters (a coincidence, surely).

For this one, I had a couple of ideas for taglines that I thought matched an image of Lon Chaney Sr., but for whatever reason this one seemed to make the most sense to me--from everything I've read, Chaney Sr. went to such extremes to create the monster make-ups he was famous for (subjecting himself through grueling physical demands in the process) that I can only assume he was utterly, completely obsessed with what he was doing.

In any case, I liked the contrast of the cheery text and the ghoulish image, which seems to the engine that drives these Monster PSAs in the first place.


wiec? said...

another beaut Rob! excellent job and congrats on getting on the Movie Morlock page. that's pretty cool.

by the by i just did a guest post on friend's blog about that very character Chaney is portraying there. details on the when is evil page if yer interested.

L. F. Chaney said...

Very nice, Mr. Kelly! — although, when your passion for your craft runs as deep as mine, you typically find yourself working very hard at it in an effort to achieve perfection.

Speaking of love, your poster touches my heart and I would very much like to display a larger image in my public MySpace photo album titled, "Friend Art & Tributes." Would you please be so kind as to grant me permission?

My art collection is viewable at:

Thank you for sharing your wonderful depictions. You are a gifted illustrator whose works possess a most striking style.


L. C.

rob! said...

Wow, what an honor to hear from you, Mr. Chaney! And here I thought you were dead.

Please feel free to add my piece to your gallery. If you could, please link the piece back to here so people can check out the others. Thanks!

L. F. Chaney said...

Dear Mr. Ackerman knew what he was talking about.

Well, most of the time.

Thank you,

L. C.