Friday, May 1, 2009

From The Vault: Hold The Date - 2006

When I search for a piece to pull from the vault every week, I think about what's been on my mind the past week, and then look to see if I have anything in my back catalog that is related to it in some way.

Since I've spent the week listening to Bob Dylan's new album, Together Through Life, I originally figured I'd dig up yet another Dylan portrait, since I have so many!

But as I watched TV tonight, I caught wind of some nauseating comments made by a Congresswoman from North Carolina, about how the murder of Matthew Shepard was possibly a "hoax", made on the eve of passage of some new Hate Crime legislation in Shepard's name. Suddenly, the idea of posting another Dylan portrait seemed less important.

So anyway, looking back over a bunch of my old pieces, I saw this--a "Hold the Date" card I was asked to produce for an acquaintance of mine and her partner. I remembered how happy she was with the final result, and how well it came off--the color palate is softer than one I usually use, yet it still looks my like my work.

In the end, I'm very proud of this piece, for a number of reasons. And I can only hope one day the marriage that took place on 11/11/06 is no longer one that can be invalidated by a hateful ballot measure.

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