Monday, February 20, 2012

Monster PSA: Alfonso Bedoya

I didn't have any intention of doing a new Monster PSA poster, but then a fan of my work (who has graciously bought prints of my stuff in the past to decorate his "Man Cave") asked if I would consider doing a PSA of Alfonso Bedoya.

Bedoya's claim to fame is his appearance in the classic The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, where he gets to utter the immortal line "Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!" (He actually doesn't say those exact words, but that doesn't matter anymore). I considered the request, figuring I'd get to it at some point.

Then the other night I found myself not ready to go to sleep, and simultaneously not wanting to work on other projects I had going, so I tore into this and within a few hours it was finished! It turned out being one of my favorites of the last few PSAs I've done--the portrait, the colors, and the modified tagline all seemed to hang together fairly well.

My patron felt the same, and as you read this the poster is on its way to him. Sometimes things just work out!

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Anonymous said...

Pure 100% awesome.