Monday, November 21, 2011

The Village Voice - 11/16/11

I was asked to do the above portrait of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly (no relation) for the cover to the 11/16/11 edition of The Village Voice.

The VV showed me the rough layout they had in mind for the cover; a Russian Constructvist-type thing, and I immediately knew what they were going after, since I'm a big fan of that style. The portrait went through a couple of stages, and as it developed it got looser and rougher, to better convey that DIY feel.

I'm happy to see a piece of mine on a cover like this; I think its beautifully composed and really gets the message across. This is my first piece for The Village Voice, I hope its not my last!


Sean Tiffany said...

beautiful piece! It's your style but like nothing I've seen you do before. I love it!

J Mello said...

Great, quite dynamic!

Jodie said...

Hi Rob - again with the bouncing emails. Can you please let Tracy know that no thanks is necessary !

24h pfleger said...

WoW! that was absolutely wonderful.